Benoît de Brettes explores in his images the indefinite, and hence the limits of the Western representation of reality and identity. The non definable by essence, neither a finite in extension nor an infinite in reduction. To be in the real, to let oneself be taken by him and to show by the most definable technique possible, photography, its indefinite, its indeterminacy. Not to describe the world but to show its appearance, its origin, in the footsteps of Anaximander and Taoist thinkers.

Experiment a world free from any informative landmark. Get out of comfort zones by no longer defining the real, but by getting rid of all knowledge, logical chains, meaning, words, what it is. To be with the world, undecidable and unapprehensive, as it is in itself and not in the thoughts, fears or aspirations that we couldn't stop projecting on it. To be able thus to free oneself from what blocks us in enclosing distinctions, sharp identities.